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How Dave Lorenzo Became The Godfather of Growth

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Business, Sales

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Dave Lorenzo is The Godfather of Growth

If you are asking yourself the question: “How did Dave Lorenzo Become The Godfather of Growth?” We answer that question on today’s show.

There are five ways Dave Lorenzo earned the nickname “The Godfather of Growth.” On today’s Inside BS Show, we explore all five of them.


00:00 – How did Dave Lorenzo Become the Godfather of Growth?
00:33 – Dave Lorenzo Finds Clients for His Clients and Referral Sources
02:40 – Dave Lorenzo Teaches His Clients How to Grow
04:06 – Dave Lorenzo Shares His Relationships
06:37 – Dave Lorenzo Solves Problems
08:15 – Dave Lorenzo Makes Offers You Can’t Refuse

đź“şWatch and Enjoy!

Video Podcast

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